Desktop Investigative Service

Research To Identify And Defend Against Possible Insurance Fraud

When you need to collect comprehensive records and intelligence on your claimant, GII has you covered with our Desktop Investigative Service. Our Analysts and Researchers can obtain various records and perform comprehensive background reports on your claimant in record breaking time.

Here are some of the investigative services available:

  • Comprehensive Background Reports
  • Asset Checks
  • Business Affiliation Search
  • Records Request
  • Employment Screening
  • Civil and/or Criminal Records Search
  • Employment Search and Verification
  • Person Locates
  • Professional License Search
  • Recreational License Search
  • Driving Records
  • Social Security Number Search
  • Motor Vehicle Records

When to request Desktop Investigative Service?

  • Find/Identify people and businesses
  • Confirm criminal history
  • Confirm civil history and lawsuits
  • Locate assets like vehicles and property
  • Uncover patterns of behavior
  • Reveal new information on old cases
  • Identify personal connections
  • Investigate possible fraud claims

Nationwide Coverage - GII is able to perform Desktop Investigative Service for any city and state in the USA.