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We believe in providing our clients with quality service and expert advice first.

By offering you this special First Glance Reporting service at no cost, you can save money and make intelligent decisions when investigating your claims. You will receive a complete detailed complimentary report on your claimant that was created by our Certified Expert Analysts.

Each report will be generated with valuable information and specific recommendations of services based off the findings. No fluff of page after page with non-relevant information, just the identified information that is related to your claimant and their specific incident/injury.

S.T.O.P. Before You Spend $$$ on Surveillance,
conduct your due diligence, look at other investigative tools that can assist and drive your surveillance efforts.


First Glance Report

Allows you to have a complete analysis of your claimant conducted by highly skilled certified analyst.  Having the knowledge of what information and resources are available on a claimant prior to approving other services make your surveillance investigation more successful and drive cost down by obtaining the results needed the 1st time.

GII will identify, confirm, and review all Social Media Profiles, locate information on     web sites, social networks, and Open Source Information Networks, collect personal information, property ownership records, current contact information, photographs of your claimant (if available), and current property records. Our analyst will build a complete profile based off the associated algorithms, patterns, and data collected. With our expert analysis, we will provide appropriate recommendation(s) of services based off of the exposure and mitigating factors surrounding the claim.