What exactly is a Medical Canvass?

Lets jump start the weekend with some fuel for thought.

What exactly is a medical canvas, and what is your understanding of what medical canvassing is?

A Medical Canvass is a tailored telephone investigation by trained analysts, in efforts to confirm or deny a pre-determined claimant’s association with a specific health care service provider within a targeted geographical location.

There are typically 3 results that will be obtained from a medical canvas that include:

  • Confirmed
  • Limited
  • No Results

Medical Canvassing is one of the most cost effective avenues available to document a claimant’s medical history.

To conduct a medical canvas, it is not as simple as just picking up the phone and start calling potential service providers. There has to be a clear and decisive plan. We have to decide what types of facilities we are going to contact, what geographical locations we are searching in, and what department or person we need to make contact with to get the information needed.

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Next week we will dive into the legalities of medical canvassing.