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Technology That You Use Daily Might Be Spying On You
It’s obvious that most of us cannot live without our cell phones these days as we use it to do[...]
Are employers at risk not knowing about an employee’s background?
When a person applies for a job, they typically submit information about their work history, education, skills, and references.  The[...]
How changes in social media can affect your investigation
In the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced that they will be making several changes to their platform, post feed algorithm,[...]
Successful Medical Canvassing
Let us get you the results you need on your next claim. We have made it as easy, simple and[...]
Requesting a Medical Canvass for your Claims – Value vs. Results
There have been multiple discussions, opinions and heated debates, about the value and impact a Medical Canvass has on claims.[...]
Meet our newest Team Members!
​GII-PII continues to grow this year, so we have added some new members to our Team.  We are excited to[...]
Employee of the Month – April 2018
We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Month, Teri Winemiller for April 2018! Teri has only been with[...]
Can a smart phone expose a person and their secrets during an investigation?
How much do you trust your smart phone that is with you 24 hours a day? You use it to[...]
Connecting the Dots in Social Networks
What happens when you start searching your person of interest online and learn they have multiple profiles for the same[...]
Get to Know Your Person of Interest Using Social Media and the Internet
Have you heard the saying “If you don’t know, ask Google”?  Well, the same can be true when you want[...]
GII Medical Canvassing – Research To Identify And Defend Against Possible Insurance Fraud
A Medical Canvass is an in-depth telephone research analysis designed to uncover pre-existing claims and injuries. Medical Canvasses provide an[...]
Why You Should Choose GII for your Next Medical Canvass
Over our last few articles, we have talked about what to look for in a Medical Canvass Service Provider, the[...]
Are you getting “no results found” from your Medical Canvasses?
What is the average percentage of confirmed results you receive when you order a medical canvass from your service provider?[...]
Revealing Hidden Facts about Injuries and Claims using Social Media in Combination with Medical Canvassing
There is no denying that using social media has become a regular routine for many people these days, young and[...]
Winter Work Comp Claims – Are the injuries from work or play?
  Winter time is in full swing across the country, and for some, spending time playing in the snow with[...]
Employee of the Year – 2017
We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Year, Monica Ten Eyck for 2017! The year has come to[...]
Happy New Year!
We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as we look forward to 2018!  
Employee of the Month – November 2017
We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Month, Monica Ten Eyck for November 2017! That is 2 in[...]
Employee of the Month – October 2017
We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Month, Monica Ten Eyck for October 2017! Congratulations Monica!!! We appreciate[...]
Employee of the Month – September 2017
We would like to congratulate our Employee of the Month, Connie Snyder, for September 2017! Connie is an integral part[...]
Employee of the Month – August 2017
We would like to congratulate our first Employee of the Month, Chris Bennett, for August 2017! Chris is the Director[...]
What exactly is a Medical Canvass?
Lets jump start the weekend with some fuel for thought. What exactly is a medical canvas, and what is your[...]
The Power of Medical Canvassing – LinkedIn Group
We are excited to announce the launch of our new LinkedIn Group: "The Power of Medical Canvassing". ABOUT THIS GROUP[...]
Release Date Confirmed For GII Academy!
It's official.  We will be launching the new GII Academy website on February 1, 2017. With the initial launch of[...]
Who is viewing your Facebook page?
Have you ever wondered who is browsing your Facebook page?  We will show you an easy way to find out. [...]
Business Owners Now Have A Kind Of New Cyber Crime To Worry About For 2016
Hackers were especially busy last year, developing a new species of malware to worry about. It’s called “ransomware”, and as[...]