GII Medical Canvassing – Research To Identify And Defend Against Possible Insurance Fraud

​What is Medical Canvassing?

Medical Canvassing is an in-depth telephone research analysis designed to uncover pre-existing claims and injuries. Medical Canvasses provide an excellent, cost-effective method to determine your Claimant’s medical treatment history.

GII offers various levels of Medical Canvassing ranging from our basic facility checks to our most advanced Platinum Plus package to meet our client’s needs. We have accumulated a national database of all hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors, therapy providers, radiology centers, and all health care providers allowing our Analysts to perform a geo-targeted area search to find when and where a claimant may have received medical treatment.

Canvassing can assist all lines of insurance associated with any bodily injury claim (Workers’ Compensation, Auto Bodily Injury, Disability, etc.). Regardless of the line of insurance involved, the key point of consideration is that at any time a claimant and/or their attorney may knowingly withhold information pertaining to a claimant’s medical treatment history.

For example, claimants often “pick and choose” what medical information is being shared whether it is a 1st party or 3rd party claim. In any case, being able to further validate or discover other medical providers involved in treating the claimant is always going to be critical in evaluating the claim as well as potentially identifying a clearer picture of exposure.

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