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Suspected Fraud – How can Insurance Investigators get evidence?

Here is the truth, suspected fraud happens every day and is a more serious problem than people realize.  There are two types of insurance fraud that can be categorized; Hard insurance fraud and soft insurance fraud.  Regardless of which type of suspected fraud takes place, the effects cost the American economy billions of dollars each […]

GII Medical Canvassing – Research To Identify And Defend Against Possible Insurance Fraud

Medical Canvassing

​What is Medical Canvassing?​Medical Canvassing is an in-depth telephone research analysis designed to uncover pre-existing claims and injuries. Medical Canvasses provide an excellent, cost-effective method to determine your Claimant’s medical treatment history. GII offers various levels of Medical Canvassing ranging from our basic facility checks to our most advanced Platinum Plus package to meet our client’s […]

Why You Should Choose GII for your Next Medical Canvass

Medical Canvass Service provider

Over our last few articles, we have talked about what to look for in a Medical Canvass Service Provider, the benefits of using social media with a Medical Canvass, and identifying if a claimant’s injury is work related or not. Today, I want to discuss why you should consider using GII-PII for your next Medical […]

The Power of Medical Canvassing – LinkedIn Group

We are excited to announce the launch of our new LinkedIn Group: “The Power of Medical Canvassing“. ABOUT THIS GROUP In practically every type of workplace, the presence of workers’ compensation claims exist. Insurance companies, attorney’s, law firms, and their clients are tasked to validate and resolve each claim, whether legitimate or not. Each claim […]